Opinions are but Truth in Disguise

As is the case, almost without exception, the highlight of my vacations is the time I spend reading the local newspaper and drinking coffee each morning. It doesn’t matter where I go. Whether I visit Tabor City, Southport, or Myrtle Beach, I go to a local restaurant, get a paper and map out a direct route to the editorial section. I know what you’re thinking. I need to get a life, right? Well that is my routine, as boring as it may seem to some, and it is there that I find a little rest and relaxation.

The opinion section is important part of any local paper. It is there that locals and others can express themselves about a number of topics or even vent about those same issues from time to time.

I’ve discovered something very revealing about those simple “opinion” sections though. They’re never what people claim they are. The fact of the matter is that the columns and “letters to the editor” of different length, usually prescribed by the editors, are really truth claims masquerading as opinions. That is why you have “Joe” offering some sort of rebuttal to “Harry’s” view on the homosexual issue or some other hot topic of the day. Harry doesn’t offer his idea so that Joe might accept it alongside his idea as if both ideas are equal; but he does so in a competitive fashion and contradictory fashion.

At this point, I really need to break the news to you gently. While many of you claim that there’s no such thing as absolute truth I can’t help but believe that you really don’t believe that at all. In fact, I would contend that you believe, not only that absolute truth exists, but that you know the truth.

Now don’t try denying it; because if it weren’t so, you wouldn’t bother writing at all. Why try convincing anybody that your view of any religious, moral, political or social issue is right; particularly if all ideas are equally valid.

The next time you read this column, or any other for that matter, notice the arguments that accompany each writer’s work. Not only do they offer different “opinions” than a former letter writer or columnist, but they argue the point or points as if their view is somehow superior to the one to which they are responding. That, my friend, is done under the assumption that truth exists and that you know it.

Take our involvement in Iraq for example, the abortion debate, the creation/evolution debate or a host of other issues that spawn our input. Everybody who writes about any of these important issues does so with the assumption that their view on the matter is the “right” view. In fact, many do so as if somebody else’s view on the matter is actually and absolutely wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I just find it odd that in a culture where so many people deny the existence of absolute truth those same people demand their view to be just that, absolutely true. Many people these days think that truth, like morality, is relative and then present an “opinion” as if everybody else should accept it as true.

Well, I’ve always maintained that truth is absolute and the fact that practically every “opinion” writer assumes his/her opinion to be absolutely true helps verify it. Despite many claims to the contrary, most people believe it too.

Now that we agree that absolute truth exists it might be wise to determine just what it is; particularly concerning eternal matters. You might begin with the one who claimed to be “the way, the truth and the life,” “absolutely ” – Jesus Christ.

That is my “opinion” and guess what, it is absolutely true.

Tony can be reached at: Tony@link2eternity.com

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