Still No Answer: The Sequel

At one of our many family gatherings and needing something from my car, I asked a guest to retrieve a particular item for me. Of course, not knowing which car I drove, I gave him my key and told him that my car was the white on somewhere in our makeshift family parking lot.

After about 20 minutes, the visitor returned with said item, but then expressed a bit of frustration over not being able to find my car. He then chided me for not verbally excluding the other cars parked around mom and dad’s house. He reprimanded me for not verbally excluding the red cars, the blue cars, the black cars, and the green cars among the family’s car collection, because, according to him, he tried the key in practically every car until he found the right one.

If you had witnessed the incident, you would have made one of two possible conclusions. Either the entire episode was one big joke, or there was some other reason the visitor missed the logical exclusion of every other vehicle. While I did not verbally exclude every other car at the family event, I affirmed the color of the one car that logically excluded all the others.

This simple story reveals two primary problems with professing Christian’s who still try to justify either the homosexual lifestyle or same-sex marriage after Jesus affirmed both sexuality and marriage as he did in Matthew 19. First, we are incapable of thinking correctly any other way than logically, as our disbelief concerning the above “visitor’s” irrational anger reveals, and second, practically everyone finds it difficult to confront the moral authority of Jesus head-on without some quirky twist to their answer. Especially when he leaves no other logical answer.

Well, still no real answer!

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